Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hello World!

For this post i am wearing a super cute outfit from BabyGirl @Once Upon A Child starting May 5th. Also this outfit is gacha items and its for both kid and baby available in 5 different colors. the gacha cost 40L per play. in the gacha you will find a hair-band plain, and spotted, onesie, paci, tutu, and socks in short, medium, and long! Also, the props i am using are from Buglets @ The Playroom the items are also a gacha set. Lastly, the other prop i am using is a book shelve from Vexzi so if you haven't already feel free to check out both events! Happy Shopping!!

*TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
~ToddleeDoo - BabyGirl
Shape - Custom made :P
Eyes - {Clair de Lune } Dollfie Eyes
Hair- Doe: Samora "New" @ Coven

(BabyGirl) Hello World - Rose Set "New"  @Once Upon A Child
~(BabyGirl) Hello World Gacha - Hairband [Spotted] (Rose) "New" 
~(BabyGirl) Hello World Gacha - Onesie [Baby] (Rose) "New" 
~(BabyGirl) Hello World Gacha - Paci (Rose) "New" 
~(BabyGirl) Hello World Gacha - Socks [Long/Baby] (Rose)  "New" 
~(BabyGirl) Hello World Gacha - Tutu [Baby] (Rose)"New" 
VCO . Zion glasses [Copper]

~*Buglets*~ Lil Beauty Gacha "New" @ The Playroom
~~*Buglets*~ 1. Lil Beauty Vanity RARE "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 2. Lil Beauty Stool RARE "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 3. Lil Beauty Brush "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 4. Lil Beauty Bag "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 5. Lil Beauty Lotion [Cupcake] "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 6. Lil Beauty Lotion [Ice Cream] "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 7. Lil Beauty Lipstick [Strawberry] "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 8. Lil Beauty Lipstick [Cherry] "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 9. Lil Beauty Lipstick [Peach] "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 10. Lil Beauty Nailpolish [Candy] "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 11. Lil Beauty Nailpolish [Mint] "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 13. Lil Beauty Blush [Strawberry] "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 14. Lil Beauty Blush [Rose] "New" 
~*Buglets*~ 16. Lil Beauty Compact [Milk] "New"  
Vexzi - To and Fro Shelves "New"  Participating in Shop Hop

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