Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Up Up and away!

For this post i am wearing an outfit from WISHES for Shop Hop! it comes in other colors for kid, baby, and bebe! Also, my Airplane toy is from LMC also for Shop Hop! Shop Hop and you will be able to buy them on August 5th and will last for 1 week. during that week Items that are in the Shop Hop event will be 100L  or less in the stores! if you need more information about Shop Hop just Join the group inworld! you would need the group anyways to be able to get the Teleport HUD! Once you get the HUD that will be release 12 slt on August 5th you wear it and teleport to each store, then stay their for 1 min. Once you are there for 1 min you will receive a check, and once you get all of the checks on the HUD you will get a free gift from that months sponsor.

*TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE
Bad Seed Bebe Body V 1.1
♥ Shape - Custom made :P
♥ Hair-.ploom. Ava

♥.Wishes. ~ Safari Shorts for (Shop hop)
♥.Wishes. ~ Safari Shirt  for (Shop hop)
Beau Bebe - Ribbon Sandals
VCO . Zion glasses

LMC - Toy Airplane Model 747-300 for (Shop hop)

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